The Arch and Postman’s Walk


2½  3 hours.


A walk which takes in The Arch and the Arch Woods.  There are many panoramic views towards the Plynlumon mountains.


From the Hotel main entrance,  turn left.

The Arch & Postman's Walk pic 1

Immediately before Y Caban,  turn left and follow the gravel track towards the pens where the Wednesday market is held.  Before the pens,  go over the style and follow the fence which borders them until you reach the track at the end of the field.  Turn right along the track and exit between houses on to the road.

The Arch & Postman's Walk pic 2

Turn left along the road,  past the school and left through a gate along a bridle track.  After approximately 5 minutes the track divides and a track heads right towards a small plantation.  Ignore this and carry straight on through the gate.

The Arch & Postman's Walk pic 3

Continue straight on with the fence on your right.  Go through the next gate.  There will  now be a small plantation of Larch trees on your left. The fence is now on your left.

Once you have passed the larch trees,  look across to the wooded valley to the left.  In about an hour and a half’s time you will walking through the woods above the river.

You will now go through 3 more gates.  There is coniferous woodland on your left.  The track joins another larger stoned track.  Head left along this track over a cattle grid,  through another gate/cattle grid.  One more gate and you are then on a road.

The Arch & Postman's Walk pic 4

Turn right along the road.  After passing the under The Arch,  turn left.  Don’t go into the Forest Enterprise car park.  Follow the stoned track immediately to the right of the car park.  Very shortly you will come to a cross roads.  Go straight on.

The Arch & Postman's Walk pic 5

Follow this forest road uphill for about 15 minutes.

The road levels out and you will come to a sharp left bend.  Shortly before the bend you will see a signed track heading left.  To the right another track joins the forest road. The ground to the right is lower and there are views across hills and woodland.

At this point take the path to the left.  The path heads downhill through the trees.  You will come to another forest road.  Go straight over it.  The path then rises through the trees again.  The ground underfoot is very “lumpy”.

The Arch & Postman's Walk pic 6

The path continues through the trees and is quite well marked.  Eventually it descends and crosses another forest road.  Go straight across through the woodland.

The ground continues to fall until you reach the bottom of the valley.   There is a small bridge over the river.  Cross the bridge and head through the wet ground up onto the field.

You will see 2 bushes in a low grass covered ridge.  Head for these bushes.  When you reach the bushes,  carry on at 450  going down the field towards the river.  The ground becomes boggy.  You will then come to another footbridge.  Cross the bridge,  up the steps to a forest road. Go left along the road down the valley.

After about a mile there is a hairpin bend in the road and a track going straight on.  Go straight on past a house on the left until you see a 6 barred gate with a sign “Private Road” on it.  Turn steeply right before the gate to a style.  Over the style into the woods follow the path up hill.

The Arch & Postman's Walk pic 7

Emerging from the woods you will cross another style.  Continue to follow the path through bracken and gorse.   After 15 minutes or so the path widens and becomes more of a track.  There is a gate on your left.

Just before the gate there is a style.  Go over the style.  Follow the track downhill across the field.  Where the track bends left,  go straight on to a style.  Over the style down past a ruined mill to another footbridge over the river.

The Arch & Postman's Walk pic 8

Over the footbridge continue along the path uphill through deciduous woodland to the road.  Turn right down hill for 10 minutes back to the hotel

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