Devil’s Bridge Walk


1/1½ hours.


A short,  not too tiring walk in the Devil’s Bridge Area.


From the Hotel,  take the B4574 Cwm Ystwyth road.

Devil's Bridge Walk Pic 1
Proceed uphill for 5/10 minutes until you pass a white house called Gwar Felin.
After Gwar Felin,  turn Left along a lane and almost immediately,  left again down a signed path.
The path leads into a lightly wooded area and over a footbridge over the river Mynach.

Devil's Bridge Walk Pic 2

Over the footbridge head slightly left and up hill with the fence on your right.  Over a style and into a grass field.  Go straight ahead until you see the field gate.  The style is to your right just before the gate.

Over the style,  turn left along a grassy track.

Devil's Bridge Walk Pic 3

After approximately half a mile the lane divides.  To the left there is a gate with a discouraging notice written on it.   Take the right fork until you see a style in the fence on your left.

 Devil's Bridge Walk Pic 4Devil's Bridge Walk Pic 5

Over the style go down through the stream up the other side through a gateway.   Head diagonally across the field to a further style.  Note the bronze stag on your left. Over the style,  turn right alongside the fence until the path turns downhill towards a pair of gates.

 Devil's Bridge Walk Pic 6Devil's Bridge Walk Pic 7

Take the left gate and follow the edge of the field with the fence on your right.  Go over a stream and then over a style into the next field.

Proceed across the field with the overhead electricity line on your right hand side until you see the style.  Over the style you are on the A4120.  Turn left and after approximately 10 – 15 minutes you will have returned to the Hotel.

Devil's Bridge Walk Pic 8

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