Beauty and Remoteness


2½ – 3 hours.    


A pleasant, longish but not too strenuous walk.  Great feelings of isolation beauty and remoteness.


From the Hotel,  take the B4574 Cwm Ystwyth road.

Proceed uphill for 5/10 minutes until you pass a white house called Gwar Felin.  After Gwar Felin,  turn Left along a lane and almost immediately,  left again down a signed path.  The path leads into a lightly wooded area and over a footbridge over the river Mynach.

Over the footbridge head slightly left and up hill with the fence on your right.  Over a style and into a grass field.  Go straight ahead until you see the field gate.  The style is to your right just before the gate.

Over the style,  turn left along a grassy track.  After approximately half a mile the lane divides.  To the left there is a gate with a discouraging notice written on it.  Just before you reach the divide in the track there is a footpath arrow on a post on your right.  Follow the sign steeply up the hill for 200 yards or so until you reach the next marker post.

Turn right here along the footpath through an area of scattered broad leaved trees and past a further marker post.  After 2/300 yards you will see another marker post on the skyline.

When you reach the post,  turn left and proceed at approximately 450 to you previous course.  There will be a small rocky outcrop on your right.

Over the brow of the hill you will see another marker post.  Follow the  path through the bracken and gorse to a plantation.  Over a style and into woodland,  mixed hardwoods then conifers.

Follow the path through the wood until you reach a style.  Over the style turn immediately right onto a track.  Turn left on the track and past a white house  –  Llaneithyr.  After the house there is a gate.    Through the gate there is a track.   Take the right fork and continue for a mile or so until you see a style on your left.

Go down the steps to a small bridge. Over the bridge head across open ground to a further marker.

At the marker,  turn right and head down hill to the river.  There is a narrow bridge with a footpath marker and “keep dogs on lead” sign attached to it.

Over the bridge turn right and go over a style.  Follow the edge of the river for approximately 2 miles.  Warning.  This is slow going if the ground is wet.  It is boggy and reedy.  There is a fence to cross.

When you can see Llaneithyr to your right,  you will see a gate on your left.  Head through the boggy ground to the gate,  through the gate and across the wet ground onto the field.  Head for the gate across the field.  You are now moving away from the river.

Over the (broken) style alongside the gate follow the track to the right below the old mine workings.  The track joins another track.  Carry on through a gate and along the track until another gate appears on your right.

Through the gate and the avenue of trees to a small bridge.  Over the bridge and in front of a house.  Follow the house drive back to the Devil’s Bridge to Cwm Ystwyth road.

Turn right and arrive at the Hotel in about 10 minutes.

Proceed across the field with the overhead electricity line on your right hand side until you see the style.  Over the style you are on the A4120.  Turn left and after approximately 10 – 15 minutes you will have returned to the Hotel.

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