Parson’s Bridge Walk


2½  3 hours, a medium to hard walk, walking boots required in Winter.

Brief description

A dramatic walk which crosses and re-crosses the river Rheidol.  The walk  takes in stunning views of many of the waterfalls emptying into the gorge.

The first 20 minutes of the walk is along the main road and a little tedious however this is more than compensated for by the remainder of the trip.  For the next 2 hours or so the ground is either forest tracks,  lanes or fields.


Leave the Hotel along the main A4120 over the bridge towards Ponterwyd.

pasrons bridge walk pic 1

After 20 – 30  minutes reach Ysbyty Cynfyn. 

Here there is a  small chapel and house on the left. Turn left and leave the main road.  Proceed along the footpath through small gate situated to the right of the Chapel.

Follow the path to the small blue metal gate and proceed steeply down the zigzag forest path to the bottom of the  gorge.

Cross “Parsons Bridge” and climb the forest track keeping to the left,  over a style and then over a further style where the woodland finishes.

 parsons bridge walk pic 2

The path then crosses diagonally across a grass field however the owner has requested walkers to keep to the edge of the field.parsons bridge walk pic 3

From the corner of the field the path proceeds along the edge of the adjacent field with the woodland to your right.  There is a style at the end of the field.

parsons bridge walk pic 10      

Over the style,  look for the posts in the field which lead towards a ruined cottage.  At the cottage go through the gate with the cottage on your right.  Follow the grass track  for approx 300 yards to the gravel lane.

Continue along the gravel lane past a farm house on your left.  You will have been travelling for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

parsons bridge walk pic 4

Continue through a gate across the road and along the lane for approx ¼ mile until you see  a footpath sign on a post.  Turn to the left.  Go down to the stream and over the footbridge.

Head up the field to the right hand corner by the farm buildings.

parsons bridge walk pic 5

Through the gate turn left along a stoned lane.  Continue until the lane turns sharply to the right.  At this point you are faced with two gates.  Go through left hand gate and follow the track.  There is a steep hillside to your left with a stream at the bottom.  Go through a gate and then follow the left hand side of the field for approximately half a mile until you reach a style and gate.  Go over the style and into the woodland.

parsons bridge walk pic 6

The path descends steeply from here and  can be quite slippery.  Go over the next style and continue downhill to a post with Devil’s Bridge/Borth Footpath written on it.  Go straight on at the post (don’t turn left).

parsons bridge walk pic 7

Continue through the woodland  –  past the skeleton of a dead sheep on the right  –  past an orange/yellow cottage in a field on your left until the path joins a gravel track.

Go straight on past several houses on the right.  Past the sign for Cwm Rheidol.

parsons bridge walk pic 8

Past the Lead and Zinc mines until you see a sign indicating a footpath to the left over a narrow footbridge.

Cross the river and proceed uphill between the fences to the next style.  Go straight on after crossing the style  (not steeply up to the right).

parsons bridge walk pic 9

The track is well marked from here all the way back to Devil’s Bridge.

Go steeply uphill through coniferous woodland.  Cross the railway line.  Turn left parallel  to the railway through deciduous scrub oak.
Follow the posts marked Devil’s Bridge/Borth Footpath.

parsons bridge walk pic 10

The path  ends on the A4120 Devil’s Bridge to Aberystwyth road.  Turn left and follow the road past the Railway Station for a well earned pint of Hancock’s Best Bitter at the Three Bridges Bar followed by a hot bath.

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